Name: Otolin StoneNicknames: OtoAge: Unknown, appears to be in his 40sRace: Highlander (Gyr Abania)Gender: Cis male (he/his)Profession: Contractor, mercenary, bodyguard
It’s easy to make an educated guess when looking at Otolin for the first time.

He’s a serious sort.

The look on his broad features could be best described as intimidating and neutral, but in an unsettling way. He often keeps his head tilted and lips pursed in a frown, brown-colored eyes often seeking or searching in an almost unblinking fashion. Scars, old and new, dot his features, the most significant of which is one that crosses over the bridge of his nose.

He stands tall, above seven fulms, and keeps a professional posture with a straight back and hands at his sides or sometimes folded over his broad chest. His hair is jet-black in color and shaved down for the most part with the exception of a small design etched on either side of his head.

Attempting to speak with him often garners silence and a look in one’s direction that shows some interest, but more often wariness. He seems the sort to keep to himself and try to not stick out in a crowd, which would probably be difficult for someone of his size.

Otolin often keeps his wardrobe rather simple, favoring a poncho or heavy green coat with a fur-lined collar over a short-sleeved shirt, black or brown trousers, and either a pair of brown thigh-high boots or black ankle-length combat boots.


The North Remembers
Gyr Abania's far north is a rather harsh and trecharous place, ranging from long stretches of desert and salt flats to large crags and plateaus. Various nomadic communes have made a home of this particular region, and whispers and rumors often speak of them practicing a more unorthodox worship of Rhalgr.

Those with knowledge of the region may know of its landmarks, customs, traditions, and perhaps a few folk who left the region and lived to tell the tale.

Ul'dah's Underworld
Various marketers, auctioneers, Monetarists, and those with any say in Ul'dah's economy (whether done in plain sight or not) have rather good things to say about Otolin. He has a solid reputation within the city as a reliable and professional contractor capable of filling roles such as a bodyguard or even courier.

Those in search of someone with a versatile skillset within the city-state may be directed to him, whether by a friend or even a past foe.

Savage, Crag, & Pike
As a founding member, and the current director, of the free company Savage, Crag, & Pike, Otolin provides support and leadership for his partners and the various employees within the organization.

Those in need of assistance, whether dangerous or mundane, might be directed to the free company.


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